A little about Asian Delite

Eddie and Jenny Wu’s restaurants are well known in their respective communities for serving authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisines. With over 25 years of experience and practicing a simple philosophy of offering only fresh gourmet cooking and providing exceptional service enabled them to earn such a reputation.

Chinese Cuisine
We incorporate various regional style and influences in our cooking. Offering classic American favorite, General Tso’s Chicken, to Mild and Fresh Cantonese Lobster to Fiery and Peppery Szechuan style dishes to name a few. Simply Speaking, Chinese cooking at its best.

Japanese Cuisine
With much pride we can claim that our Sushis and Sashimis are the freshest in the area. Our menu features the finest Japanese dishes, both traditional and contemporary. Come and try our famous Tuna & Salmon Naruto, Love Boat (for 2), Classic California Roll, Spicy Tuna Pizza, etc. And Yes! Don’t forget to bring your own Sake. We’ll heat it up for you.

On The Diet Side
We admire and support those who practice healthy eating therefore; we are very flexible and accommodating with our cooking methods. Let us know if you prefer to have less oil, less salt, substitute dark meat with white meat or have your food steamed with the sauce on the side.

On The Express Front
Asian Express and Wok Wok are for Johnny-On-The-Run type. Quick, Easy and yet uncompromising cooking at very reasonable price. Just eat and run (Tipping not necessary. Ample seatings are available for Dine-In too). When shopping at Woodbridge Mall don’t forget to stop by and check out Wok Wok.

Come try us for the ultimate experience!